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Meet The Team


Jonathan Wilson


Jonathan is 23 years old and recently graduated from Bangor University with a creative and professional writing Bachelor's degree. Poetry is his passion. If you want to really get him going, bring up the The Beat Generation and Kerouac.


He's had words published in Confingo, Nation Cymru, Cape, Tales From the Forest and Pixel Hearts mag. When things are open again, you will probably find him with a pint of Pilsner in hand, reading poetry to a bunch of strangers at open mics around Manchester. He probably owes much of his artistic identity to the boisterous and brilliant spoken word troupe, Young Identity, borne out of the legendary Contact theatre. 

If you are curious to read some of the thoughts that couldn't fit inside his head, check out his blog Smooth Moves

Janet Penny


Appreciator of art, writing, poetry and all things creative.

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